Wall Media

Concept of wall media

  • Digital wall media is a outdoor promotion and branding media.

  • It is a replacement for traditional hand wall painting.

  • Overcomes limitation of hand painting regarding execution time ,costing , any type of text, graphics can be digitally printed , which cannot be done by hand painting.

  • No fabrication mounts , Installation on pre existing surface.

  • No maintenance once installed ,as it merges with the installed surface itself.

  • Most effective to penetrate in tier 2 , tier 3 markets where other media(flex , vinyl)is nowhere in regards to installation , maintenance , cost , and execution time.

  • Life of media is from 12 months to 36 months.

PVC Free
100% Bio Degradable

Light Weight & Easy Installation

Features of our Wall Media

  • PVC free

  • 100% Bio Degradable

  • Non Toxic Chemical Inert

  • Natural White

  • Easy Installation

  • Light Weight

Printability Features

  • No need of over coating for printing surface

  • Compatible for Solvent printer

  • Eco Solvent Printer

  • Inkjet Printer

  • Offset Printer

Cost Working example of OOH V/s Wall Media

OOH Wall Media
Size: 20 feet x 10 feet Size: 20 feet x 10 feet
Hording Rent Approx: Rs. 5000/- pm* Wall Media Approx Cost (Includes Media, Printing, Installation etc.): Rs. 25 - psf*
Media Cost: Rs. 1600/-
For one year cost: Rs. 60000/- + Rs. 1600/- Minimum Life: 1 Year
Total Cost for One Year: Rs. 61600/- Total Cost for One Year: Rs. 5000/-

*The above cost may the vary case to case.

Comparison with OOH

Particulars OOH Media Wall Media
Visibility Visibility restricted in particular area Covers each and every pocket i.e. remote area also
Fabrication/Infrastructure Required No Need of Fabrication
Cost Approx 10 times more that Wall Media Approx 1/10th compared to OOH
Life Limited Period Long Life
Eco Friendly No Yes
Size Variation No choice for customer Yes, Customer can decide size

Impact of wall media campaign

  • Wall media can be installed in every nook and corner of target villages.

  • Once installed , wall media cannot be teared or peeled off like vinyl and flex , thus no maintenance.

  • After installation the exposed walls in target location continuously hammers the message for more than a year. Which makes a huge difference.

  • Wall media is more Impactful than any other OOH media such as flex hoarding , PVC vinyl etc.

  • Generally done in tier 2 and tier 2 region which includes small towns , Taluka , villages and remote settlements.

  • The target population is spread widely all over the region , as compared to tier 1 where , large target population is concentrated in a single geographical location.

  • Eg. Kolhapur and Amravati population spread.

campaign map